3 Reasons to Consider Neoprene Covers for Your Car Seats

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3 Reasons to Consider Neoprene Covers for Your Car Seats

26 April 2017
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Covering your car seats is very important because it protects the seats from the daily abuse, enabling them to last even longer. There are many types of car seat covers available, but you can easily end up buying the wrong one if you do not have the right information about the covers. The type of fabric used is usually the most significant aspect to think of and the seats come in a wide range of these too. Leather, sheepskin and neoprene are some of the most common fabrics for car seat covers you will find. Each of these types has its merits and drawbacks, but here are top reasons to consider neoprene.


Comfort is essential for your driving experience, especially when travelling over long distances. What makes most car seats uncomfortable is too much heat or cold. When you leave your car in the sun, for instance, or you are driving in the sun, your neoprene car seat covers won't heat up as much as other covers such as leather. This is because neoprene absorbs much less heat. When it's extremely cold, the covers will also lose heat at a relatively lower rate, which means your car seat won't be as cold as the outside temperatures. If you have a heating and cooling system in your car, it will even work more efficiently with these covers since they already help maintain favourable temperature levels.

Moisture Resistance

Neoprene is sometimes used in the manufacture of wet suits. This means if you spill liquids on the covers, you don't have to wait for lengthy periods for the spill to dry up as may be the case with covers such as sheepskin. Simply wipe the liquid and the rest of it should evaporate from your seat fairly quickly.

Ease of Cleaning

The moisture resistance property of neoprene seat covers also makes them extremely easy to clean. You can simply use a damp piece of cloth to wipe them down because these covers don't accumulate a lot of dust. Although not necessary, you could occasionally use some water and a mild detergent to give them a thorough cleaning and the good thing is that the covers will dry fast too. Ease of cleaning is important if you spend a considerable amount of time driving outdoors, especially off-roading.

No matter the material you choose for your seat covers, it is smart to invest in custom fit seat covers.