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Welcome to my new auto blog. My name is Kevin. I am 48 years old and I live with my family in Alice Spring, Australia. Living so far out in the middle of nowhere means that you need a car to get around. I have been driving cars since I was 17 and I used to spend hours hanging out at the local auto repair shop. During those long summer afternoons, I learnt all about how a car works, how to repair the different components and systems, and how to accessories a vehicle so it looks cool. I hope you enjoy my blog.


3 Reasons to Consider Neoprene Covers for Your Car Seats

26 April 2017
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Covering your car seats is very important because it protects the seats from the daily abuse, enabling them to last even longer. There are many types of car seat covers available, but you can easily end up buying the wrong one if you do not have the right information about the covers. The type of fabric used is usually the most significant aspect to think of and the seats come in a wide range of these too. Read More …

How to Troubleshoot a Few Common Problems With Your Car’s Drive Train

3 August 2016
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Your ability to steer your car is managed by several different systems and parts under its body; this includes the steering column, the axles of the car, and the tie rods that connect the tyres to the steering column. Along with those are what's called the differentials; these are gears that allow two tyres to turn at the same speed even though one is turning on a tighter radius than another. Read More …