Aftermarket and OEM Auto Parts: What's the Difference?

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Aftermarket and OEM Auto Parts: What's the Difference?

20 June 2016
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When a part of your car fails or wears out and needs to be replaced, how do you choose a replacement part that will the best quality and service? There are two common types of car parts you can get for your vehicle: aftermarket parts and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Understanding the features and differences between these options can help you select quality parts within your budget.

OEM auto parts

You should know that one manufacturer did not entirely make the car you have. Most car companies use independent manufacturers for different car parts. OEM car parts are parts manufactured by the original company which made them for your car company. They are the most genuine and authentic car parts you can get on the market.

•    Advantages

OEM car parts are easy to choose and obtain. All you have to do is visit a dealership and ask for any car part. Since they are from the original manufacturer, you do not have to worry about assessing the quality or brand.

Once you fit an OEM part, it should work exactly like the one you are replacing. OEM parts offer peace of mind regarding familiarity and performance. Also, they are likely to come with a warranty and free repair services if you visit your manufacturer's dealer.

•    Disadvantages

OEM parts are the most expensive auto parts on the market. It could be because they are usually sold at dealerships only, or due to their quality and performance. Whichever the case, if you are ready to part with more money for better quality, they are an ideal option.

Aftermarket auto parts

Aftermarket parts are manufactured by other companies other than your manufacturer. For this reason, you will find several brands of the same part on the market. When buying aftermarket parts, you need to be familiar with companies that produce quality car parts for the best value.

•    Advantages

Aftermarket auto parts are cheaper than OEM parts. You can get the desired part that's of high quality and performance without paying through the nose for it. The parts are also readily available. You can walk into a service station or your local mechanic and get a part that fits your vehicle. There are different varieties to choose from as well.

•    Disadvantages

There is a selection of aftermarket parts with varying quality levels from which to choose. You can easily get overwhelmed or end up selecting a part that won't work properly with your car. Also, these parts may not have a warranty; therefore, you might be required to pay for repairs and parts every time you need them.

Your budget and preferences will be the determining factors when choosing between these two options. At the end of the day, ensure you get auto parts with excellent performance and functionality, whether you're looking for Ford parts or parts from another manufacturer.