3 Top Tips for Buying a Used Caravan for the First Time

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3 Top Tips for Buying a Used Caravan for the First Time

2 September 2016
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A caravan can be a worthwhile investment if you and your family enjoy camping. Instead of sleeping in a tent, a caravan can offer added comfort and safety, which can make the camping experience memorable, especially for kids. However, budgetary constraints do not allow many people to buy new caravans. As an alternative, used caravans are ideal for those on a low budget. However, before buying one, you will need some useful pointers to guide you. Check out these tips to point you in the right direction when purchasing a used caravan.

Best Deals

You should first know where you can get the best deals on used caravans in order to save money. Look out for vehicle auctions in your locality or advertisements in your local newspapers. Furthermore, your local car dealers can also be a starting point when you want better deals on used caravans. Moreover, many dealers want to maintain their good reputation; hence, they will only sell well-maintained caravans. Furthermore, opt for sellers who offer warranties on second-hand caravans. Also, buy the caravan at a time when sellers are bringing in new vehicles, and thus, they are in a hurry to clear old stock.

The condition of the Caravan

There are some things that you should cross off your checklist, in terms of the state of the caravan, before making the purchase. The first thing is to ask is if the seller has some form of documentation that will show you how the caravan has been maintained over the years. As you know, the outside appearance can easily deceive you; therefore, a servicing history is the only sure way of guaranteeing that you will get value for money. Additionally, ask for documentation that shows the age, previous owner(s) and location of the caravan.

The Size of the Caravan

Since you will be towing your caravan, you should know the size that you intend to purchase based on the towing capacity of your vehicle. Will you be towing the caravan with your vehicle or will you be contracting a towing company? A large caravan will offer comfort that a small one cannot provide. For example, you will have sufficient kitchen space, a washing area, and adequate room to bring your friends and family along for the ride. However, when you need a small space for your family alone, a small caravan can be convenient but less costly.

Ideally, the whole point of buying a second-hand caravan is to save money but enjoy the comfort that a new one will provide. However, any sensible person should know that dealing with used vehicles requires one to make major concessions. If it comes down to it, never sacrifice your safety and that of your family for the comfort of the caravan's interior. For more information, talk to a professional like Arrow Caravans.