Five Tips for Ensuring Quality and Improving Recycled Auto Parts

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Five Tips for Ensuring Quality and Improving Recycled Auto Parts

12 September 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Thinking about buying used auto parts from a parts recycler? Wondering if there is anyway to ensure quality or to improve the parts you buy? Here are several tips to consider:

1. Choose a quality auto parts recycler.

If you want quality used parts, you should choose a quality supplier. Ideally, you want a company who has well-trained, knowledgeable employees who can easily identify various parts and talk with you about their condition. In addition, you also want a trustworthy company with great reviews.

2. Look for parts stored inside.

Auto parts recyclers store their parts in a number of ways. Some recyclers including many salvage yards store their parts in the cars they came in, and in order to retrieve the parts, you or an employee needs to remove them from the car. In other cases, however, recyclers store the parts on shelves in a warehouse or display room. If you want to ensure that your parts have not been sitting outside, you may want to opt for a recycler with most of the car parts in an indoor space.

3. Consider professional removal.

If you can only find the parts you want in a car outside in a salvage yard, you may want to pay a professional to remove them. Unless you are experienced, trying to remove a part on your own could damage it. However, a professional can ensure the parts are removed carefully and without injury to them.

4. Clean the parts.

Regardless of where you buy your recycled car parts, you should consider cleaning them. You can easily and effectively clean auto parts by soaking them in oven cleaner. The strong cleaner dissolves the grease on most car parts and helps to remove any caked on debris as well. Simply, soak the parts, scrub them with a stiff bristled brush, rinse off the debris and let dry.

5. Consider cryogenic freezing.

Once you have the recycled parts you want, consider taking additional steps to strengthen them. In particular, consider cryogenically treating your parts. This is a controlled process designed for metal car parts.

Under supervision, your parts are brought to a very low temperature and then brought back up to room temperature. This process makes the metal stronger, more resistant to heat and more effective. It is used on new car parts, but it can also be a boon to recycled parts as well.

For more tips on buying and improving quality recycled auto parts, contact an auto parts recycler.