Mobile Home Tyres: Five Tips You Need to Consider If You Are Moving an Old Mobile Home

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Mobile Home Tyres: Five Tips You Need to Consider If You Are Moving an Old Mobile Home

30 September 2016
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If you are thinking about buying a mobile home and moving it to a new location, you may need to invest in new tyres for it. As you decide what to do, there are several different ideas to consider. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Examine existing tyres before using them.

If the mobile home you are buying has tyres on it, do not use them until you have inspected them. Depending on how long the mobile home has been in its current location, the tyres may have gotten old and sun exposure may have damaged the rubber. Even if the tyres have only been used a few times, just sitting in the same spot could have worn them out.

Look at them from all angles before hitching the mobile home to a truck and moving it. Also make sure to check the part of the tyre that is touching the ground in case it has experienced extra wear and tear. If the tyres don't look safe, start to shop for replacements.

2. Buy tyres made for mobile homes.

When you start shopping for tyres, buy ones that are specifically made for mobile homes. In some cases, tyres designed for trailers may fit on your mobile home, but they aren't the safest option. Generally, mobile home tyres are slightly wider than standard trailer tyres. That helps them support the extra weight inside the home.

3. Insist on a steel rim.

Also, look at the rim when you are choosing tyres for your mobile home. So that your tyre has all the support that it needs, opt for a steel rim. This helps prevent flat tyres or other types of damage.

4. Remove your tyres at your new location.

Once you get your mobile home to its new location, you should remove the tyres. Keeping them in place for a long time can damage them, as indicated above. If you plan to move your mobile home relatively soon and you want to leave the tyres on, cover them to protect them from the sun, and consider jacking up the trailer so it is not resting on the tyres so they get some relief.

5. Put old tyres on the roof.

If you have removed your mobile home tyres and you don't have another use for them, you may want to put them on the roof of your mobile home. This popular tradition has a number of uses. For example, if a branch falls on your mobile home, the tyres protect the roof. Similarly, the tryes can help to make your roof quieter in a rain storm. If you have the old tyres from the previous owner, pop those onto the roof as well if you like.