Key Contemplations When Purchasing a New Truck

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Key Contemplations When Purchasing a New Truck

19 October 2016
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Getting the right truck for your transport needs is not just a matter of buying the latest model being offered for sale on the market. Truck-buying is a process that needs to be well thought out because there is a significant amount of financial commitment involved. It also requires that you carefully assess your needs and find a truck that promises to match them. If you are currently shopping around for a brand new truck, make sure to put the following buying tips into practice.

Tip #1: Consider fuel performance

One of the biggest concerns many buyers have is the high fuel costs associated with keeping trucks on the road. Generally speaking, trucks will require more fuel to cover a particular mileage as compared to standard cars. This is because these trucks are specially built for load haulage, so greater engine power is required to keep the vehicles running. This, in turn, leads to higher fuel consumption. But that does not necessarily mean that trucks are energy wasters.

With a little bit of attention to detail, you can get yourself a model that saves on fuel, which is good for your pocket and the environment as well. In choosing a fuel efficient model, consider how the various trucks available are powered. Trucks typically come with diesel engines or petrol engines. Trucks with diesel engines generally generate more power and allow for better fuel efficiency when used for heavy transport applications while the petrol trucks are ideal for small jobs where not much horsepower is required.

Tip #2: Consider the bed length and cab size

Trucks come with beds of different lengths and cabs of different sizes. The bed is where your load goes while the cab is where the driver and passengers sit during the trip. Short beds are standard for pickup trucks while long beds are a common sight in large trucks. Therefore, your choice of a truck bed should be based upon the length of the typical loads you expect to carry.

As for the cab size, it is all a matter of how many people you want to carry in your vehicle at any one time. If you intend to use the vehicle to make one-man trips, a single-cabin truck would do just fine. A single-cabin truck is designed to accommodate a maximum of three people. But if your transport activities will require that you carry more than two people with you, it would be best to buy a truck with an extended cab.