Baby on Board: 3 Benefits of Using Your Own Car Seat When You Hire a Car

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Baby on Board: 3 Benefits of Using Your Own Car Seat When You Hire a Car

21 November 2016
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Car hire companies offer a range of additional services and add-ons such as GPS units and car seats. If you are planning on hiring a car, you may be wondering if it is better to hire car seats for your children or to bring along your own. Below is a guide to 3 benefits of using your own car seat with your hired car.

You can save money

If you wish to hire a car seat from a rental company, you will be charged around $10 per day on top of the cost of the car rental. While this may seem like a relatively small amount, if you are hiring a car for an extended period, it can soon start to add up. If you have more than one child, this cost could amount to a significant surcharge.

Your child will be familiar with the seat

If you decide to hire a car seat from the car hire company, you may find that your child will not settle when you try to strap them in. This is because children are extremely sensitive to changes in their environment and will soon detect that the seat feels and smells different. If you are planning on covering a long distance in your hired car, the last thing you want is an unhappy and screaming child in the backseat. By using your own car seat, you can increase the chance that your baby will be happy and settled during your road trip.

You can have peace of mind

If you use your own car seat, you can be sure that all the straps are in good working order and that the seat is compliant with the latest safety laws. You will also be very familiar with how to fit the car seat. If you hire a car seat, most hire companies will not help you to install it for legal reasons, as they may be found liable in the event of an accident. This means you may find yourself spending a long time trying to work out how to fit an unfamiliar car seat into your hired car.

If you would like more information about the additional services which can be supplied by a car hire company, contact one today. The staff will be happy to talk you through a range of options to ensure you find the perfect car hire for you and your family.