Yes, You Can Remodel a Used Caravan to Make It Uniquely Your Own!

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Yes, You Can Remodel a Used Caravan to Make It Uniquely Your Own!

14 April 2017
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When shopping for a caravan, you might be attracted to the price of a used model, but not so attracted to an outdated or "cookie cutter" interior. The good news is, you can remodel a used caravan to make it uniquely your own, and to update the overall appearance. Note a few tips on doing this do you can ensure you don't overpay for a caravan but still enjoy whatever model you choose.


Vinyl walls of a caravan can actually be painted, if you use a latex paint that has a strong adhesion. This will ensure the paint sticks to the vinyl and doesn't simply peel away. You can also apply wallpaper over the vinyl. This can update an unattractive artificial wood design, popular in older caravans, or brighten up an interior that is painted a dull and dingy colour.


If the caravan has tile flooring, you can easily cover this with new peel-and-stick tile, for a bright and fresh look. Some laminate or rubber flooring tiles even resemble timber floorboards, so you can have the look of hardwood floors in your caravan.

Caravan carpeting can also be replaced very easily; a simple and affordable option is using carpeting tiles. These are squares of carpeting with a peel-and-stick backing that you apply just like linoleum tile. Removing and replacing old carpeting can make the caravan look new, and can also help address any musty and mouldy smells inside the trailer.


Old dining booths and worn armchairs can make a caravan look very uninviting, but you can actually unbolt these pieces from the trailer itself and then repaint and recover them, or replace them altogether. A dinging booth with a fresh coat of paint and newly covered cushions, or an apartment-sized couch and table in place of the booth, can make the space more attractive and more comfortable for you. If you do buy standard home furniture to use in the caravan, be sure you carefully measure the doorway, or consider pieces you bring in piece-by-piece and then assemble inside the caravan.


To spruce up the kitchen area of a used caravan, you can easily paint the cupboards with a good latex paint. New caravan appliances are also very affordable, and replacing the old appliances can make the entire kitchen seem updated and also cleaner. Add some fresh curtains over a kitchen window and you have an entirely new space that you'll love in your used caravan.

For more information on used caravans, contact a local seller.