What Is Required to Become a Driving Instructor in Australia

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What Is Required to Become a Driving Instructor in Australia

17 April 2017
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Driving instructing is a very good career choice in Australia, as persons who arrive from the States may sign up for classes to learn how to drive on the left side of the road, or those from other countries may want to familiarize themselves with Australian driving rules and regulations. Adults can also benefit from refresher courses and may even get discounts on their car insurance by taking driving classes. If you're thinking of becoming an instructor, note some requirements you'll need to meet, so you know what's involved and are properly prepared for this commitment.

Medical exam

You will need to go through a medical exam of some sorts before you can become a driving instructor; this will include a vision exam and an exam to ensure you can properly operate a car without special accessories and without limitations. A doctor will also need to note if you have medical conditions that can cause a sudden blackout or other such emergency, such as epilepsy, a heart condition or diabetes. Note, having such a condition doesn't necessarily mean that you won't be able to become a driving instructor, as a doctor will simply need to know how well it's managed and will also note the severity of the condition.

"Working With Children" card

The Working With Children card means that you have passed a background check and other such necessary checks to ensure that you have no criminal past or other reason for anyone to think you may be a danger to children. This card is needed even if you don't plan on working at a school and want to open your own driving academy, as those who are underage may still become students; adults may also bring their own children with them during certain study periods, exams, and the like, so you still need this card to be an instructor.

Driving test

To get your instructor's license, you'll need to take the same test as students take, but you're held to a higher standard on this test. It will include everyday driving as well as parking, merging and other such features of driving.

This test will also assess your ability to teach a student, so this will mean your ability to explain certain rules of the road, your patience levels, how quickly you react and respond to emergency situations and other such aspects of being an instructor. If you're worried about this test, you might take some driving lessons of your own in order to be prepared!